Friday, April 19, 2013

Beth Thomas Child of Rage

Title of Film/Release Date: Child of Rage Documentary, 1990's
Producer/Director: Gaby Monet, Dr. Anne H. Cohn
Genre: Documentary

  1. Briefly describe the basic plot or storyline.
    The story was about a child named beth thomas whose mother died when she was 1 and whose birth dad was abusing/molesting her. Her and her brother john was adopted into a new home but since she didn't get the proper loving when she was younger she grew to have mental problems
  2. Identify the time and place of the film.
  3. Describe the main character(s). Explain their role and the actors who play them.
    The main character was the step parents which talked about their experiences with her at home. The other was was beth which she was telling the interviwer everything that she does or used to do. The interviewer was the person that was asking beth the questions
  4. Explain: What was the introduction and ending? Were they creative?
    the introduction showed the title and with some music that would foreshadow you/ give you a hint to what was going to happen. The ending showed her at a place that helps her through her stages
  5. Camera work: Was it effective? Explain how it was good or bad.
    The camera work was effective
  6. Identify shots used or special camera angles (Circle those that apply):
    (Wide shot, medium shot, point of view, close up, extreme close up, high angle shot, low Angle shot, pan, tilt, dolly, tracking, etc.)
    Close up
  7. Explain/describe a key moment in the trailer.
    The key moment was when they were helping beth thomas through the her hard times. Beth actually cried because at first she was so heartless she didn't have a conscious. They taught her how to love
  8. Who would like this film? Age Group/Demographics?
  9. Rate this film? (Circle the number of stars to indicate rating) ★★★★★
  10. Would you recommend this movie? Why or Why not? 
    yes i would recommend it because it is very interesting

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